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Brick Pavers

Practical, Natural, Timelessly Stylish Surfacing

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Concrete Brick Pavers

Shoreline's concrete pavers add beauty, value, and timeless appeal to any home, Commerical, Industrial or civic project. Unlike rigid pavement, pavers can be installed in any shape or in any pattern to complement existing landscaping and hug organic, natural lines. Our pavers are designed for longevity and are manufactured for tolerance and strength, which means they can stand up to weight, weather, and extremes of heat. Shoreline's pavers offer endless possibilities for creative design and artistic style. while never sacrificing practically or function.

Choose Shoreline Stone Manufacturing for your next paver project. Our Pavers are perfect for commercial or residential pool decks, driveways, lanais, pathways, garden paths, patios, streetscapes, courtyards, plazas, pedestrian malls, and much more.  Thin (1.25") pavers are very cost effective and are great for patios, pool decks, driveways and pathways.

Choose from 15 standard colors and infinite possibility of custom colors.

Available Sizes:

  • One-Size Pattern: 4"x 8". Available in 2.375" thickness in Aztec flat-top smooth finish.
  • Two-Size Pattern: 6"x 6" & 6"x 9". Available in 1.25" or  2.375" thickness in Cobble / Pillow Top finish.
  • Three-Size Pattern: 6"x 9"; 9"x 9"; 12"x 9". Available in 1.25" or 2.375" thickness, in Aztec flat-top smooth or Caribbean textured surface.
  • Key Shape (5.5"x 8.5") Special Order ~ Minimum Quantities Apply

We use the most modern equipment and expertise to match any existing color or blend. Contact us for details.

Standard Colors

Oak Run
Sunset Beach
St. Lucia
St. Martin
Zoe Cove

Available Thickness & Finish

Aztec Finish (Smooth Flat Top)
Cobble Finish (Pillow Top)
Caribbean Finish (Textured Chipped Stone)
2-Size (6x9; 6x6), Thin, Cobble Finish
2-Size (6x9; 6x6), Thick, Cobble Finish
3-Size (6x9; 9x9; 9x12), Thin, Aztec Finish
3-Size (6x9; 9x9; 12x9), Thick, Caribbean Finish
3-Size (6x9; 9x9; 12x9), Thick, Aztec Finish
Single Size (5x9), Thick, Aztec Finish

Pavers Gallery

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